Friday, March 21, 2014

GOT MILK : Turkish Turmoil - Bruce Gold

Check out a special guest appearance by the Turk !
CLASSIC !!! Good job by Bruce in this spot!  I saw a Turkish Turmoil on Columbo the other day as well.

Grants Bamboo Chest And Glass : CLASSIC

I remember reading the add for this over and over. How?!? How did this one work....? from the verbiage in the catalog I was floored.
 This Effect is still out there, but it is not as well made as a vintage one.
 The glass in the new one is mounted differently in the prop and not as well. JMO.
 Still a stunner and vintage ones show up on eBay every once and a while. Expect to pay at least 80 bucks or more for a nice one. the blades can get bent so look out for that.

The Mean Bean Machine : MAK MAGIC

The Jiffy Coin Trick on a large scale.
Fill it with Beans...or....M&Ms...or
This MAK magic piece shows up on Ebay several times a year . Often missing part of the gimmick. Rarely has instructions. Weird. You can find it though if you stay vigilant.

Jimmy Kings Indian Dove Chest MAK MAGIC

A true prize for any MAK Magic Collection
These show up every once and a while.

A bit Pricey then and Now!
It is a well made piece and with the stand very showy!
A nice one with the stand will start at 200 dollars or more. I have seen a beat up one for a 100 bucks.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

MAK MAGIC : New Way Kuma Tubes

I Love This Trick. Lots of Companies have made this one and it's a classic. 

Mine is a refurbished set, I got cheap and cleaned up and repainted. The Bowls are like the ones you win a the fair for throwing a ping pong ball in the little goldfish bowl. You can find them on Ebay. They are Called Ivy Bowls. These are plastic. Which I like better. I have the glass ones put up too.

These show up often on Ebay, rarely complete though. they will be missing the bowls or the tabs in the gimmick so be careful. You should get the 2 cylinders and the gimmick and 2 gold fish bowls. The directions are kinda important too on this one. Expect to pay from 40 to 120 bucks for a MAK Set. Always condition and completeness are important to the price you will pay.

MAK MAGIC : U F Grant Potato Box

The Hard to Find Potato Box.

When I was a kid this is the trick in the catalog that just floored me. How could it be done? What did the box do? The Potato Box comes in 3 different designs. This is the Red with White front piece. You can also maybe find one with a yellow front piece and the box be red. there is a Green Box with a yellow front piece and I  would bet somewhere there is a different one altogether.

This little box is kinda hard to come by. ebay maybe, you will have to look for this kind of stuff every day. The Magic Auction sites as well. This is the kind of prop that shows up in estate sales... expect to pay 100 to 200 according to condition.